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Howell & Thornhill, Polk County's Oldest Personal Injury Law Firm

Howell & Thornhill, P.A.
We Fight to Keep You Safe

Polk County's Oldest Personal Injury Law Firm

The lawyers at Howell & Thornhill, P.A., fight for your safety.  Since 1975, Howell & Thornhill has met clients face to face for injury and death claims.  We handle auto accidents, insurance claims, wrongful death, medical malpractice, product claims, and claims involving children.  We work to force the careless person or corporation to reimburse our client, but our other goal is to insure that the payment sends a message to prevent another from suffering a horrible injury from the same behavior.  At Howell & Thornhill, P.A., we believe helping a person with their tragedy also helps society. 

View Our Past Results

View Our Past Results

Why we love our job:

"I am proud of our advertisements that focus on helping people.  We want to tell everyone who we are, but more importantly, we want people to realize that we are all responsible for safety.  Texting while driving and children on bikes without helmets are two problems we can solve together." - Robert Thornhill

"My best moment as a lawyer was when I forced an insurance company to reimburse a paralyzed client so he could move from a nursing home to a home of his own, where he could live with family.  He was tragically paralyzed through no fault of his own, and he was forced to live in a nursing home as if he was elderly.  At the end of the case, he could afford private care in his own home.  Most importantly, he had the abilty to be with family and he had some dignity back, despite his horrible injury." - Tri Thornhill

"I represented a woman who was seriously injured in crash to the point that she lost her job and could no longer provide care to her family.  After a fight with the insurance company for the careless company driver, I helped her receive money to replace her lost income and to help care for her family.  Knowing that I helped her family made me proud to be a lawyer at Howell & Thornhill." - Sherri Scarborough

I have represented several people hurt where the business had a dangerous condition that caused a serious injury.  Initially, the corporations involved refused to reimburse the injury.  During the course of each lawsuit, I saw that the corporation fixed the dangerous condition. I was happy my client was reimbursed.  However, I was most satisfied that the claim helped force the company to do the right thing and prevent another serious injury." - Spencer Pastorin

How do we do it?

With Board Certified Lawyers On Staff

Howell & Thornhill's team includes trial specialists, certified by the Florida Bar, a distinction less than 2% of Florida lawyers have in the area of civil trial practice.

How Can You Help Us?


Texting is a great way to send a short message.  But a person must look down and concentrate on the small keys.  When driving, this is as dangerous as being drunk.  A study shows 34% of drivers admit to texting behind the wheel.  We at Howell & Thornhill believe this behavior should stop. 

Click here for our video on texting.

Children without Helmets:

Florida Statute 316.2065 requires that children under the age of 16 wear a helmet when on a bicycle.  This law is designed to save the lives of children.  95% of those people who died in a bicycle accident were not wearing a helmet.  95%!  Please stop a child without a helmet, tell them you love them, and make them put on a helmet. 

Where do we fight?

Howell & Thornhill serves Central Florida along the I-4 Corridor. We have 7 convenient offices in Lakeland, Lake Wales, Haines City, Sebring, Zephyrhills, and our principal office in Winter Haven.

Principal Office Winter Haven, Satellite Offices Lakeland, Haines City, Zephyrhills, Lake Wales, and Sebring