We Got This

The law requires you to see the insurance companies doctor. And that same doctor will say that the insurance isn’t responsible for the injury.

Insurance Company Doctors – Are they Fair?

The insurance company may hire the same doctor over and over again. What can your lawyer do when the insurance company sends you to one of these doctors?

We Work For You

We’ll explain your options and what they mean for you. But we’ll explain the law and give advice. It’s your case. You decide.

No Dumb Questions

How long is this going to take? Will the insurance company ever pay my bills? Whatever questions come up, ask. It’s our job. We work for you.

Not a Call Center

You’ll talk directly with our lawyers, not some call center. It’s our job to answer your questions.


We Fight Insurance Companies

Insurance companies often hire the same doctor over and over. We make sure the jury knows that this doctor may have a bias because of the hundreds of times the insurance company hires the doctor and the hundreds of thousands of dollars the insurance company has paid the doctor.

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