Boating Accidents

Florida has thousands of miles of lakes, rivers, streams, and coastlines. With over one million boats registered in the state of Florida, boating accidents happen every day. Boat operators are responsible to safely navigate their boat and prevent injuries to passengers, swimmers and other boats around them. Yet, boats do not have seat belts.

In our experience, the results of a boat crash can be catastrophic. Insurance companies for the at-fault boater may seek to avoid responsibility by claiming their driver “had the right-of-way.” Whether your injury occurred on a boat, jet ski, wave runner, or aboard a cruise ship, we put our team of experts to work for you to ensure a full recovery of your personal injuries. Since the majority of deaths on our waterways result from drowning, Howell & Thornhill recommends that you always wear a life jacket when participating in water sport activities.

If you suffered an injury on a boat or while engaged in water sport activities, then contact Howell & Thornhill today. It is important to gather witness statements and inspect damage to the boats as soon as possible. This information may make the difference in proving the truth of what happened. Our team of experienced lawyers and certified legal accident investigator will make sure that all of your needs are handled quickly and appropriately. Call us today for a free case evaluation to discuss your legal rights.

The lawyers of Howell & Thornhill are happy to answer questions when you or your family deals with the tragedy of a boating injury or death. Our primary interest is to serve you and work to prove the truth of what happened.

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