Insurance Claims

In our experience, many people are frustrated with automobile insurance companies once they are hurt in a crash. Voice mails are often not returned. Medical bills can add up while you wait on someone to call about whether they will fix or total out your vehicle.

Having a lawyer means that you have the ability to file a lawsuit against the insurance company. The threat of a lawsuit can make an adjuster handle the claim and reimburse the loss. If you need a lawyer to push the insurance company to do what is right, call Howell & Thornhill, P.A., for a free consultation. There is not a fee or a cost unless we make the insurance company reimburse your losses.

Like automobile insurance companies who advertise constantly on television, medical insurance and disability insurance companies may promise their customers that they will help in a time of crisis.

In our experience, the promise is often empty. Bills pile up as the insurance company may look for excuses not to pay. Once again, the threat of a lawsuit may be the only way to make them act.


Insurance companies are businesses. Their employees are not evil. But, their employees are paid to make money for the insurance company.

Unfortunately, in our opinion, an insurance company makes more money if it does not pay out money. So, you should not assume that the insurance company will do what is right in our opinion.
If you have questions, call us for answers. Please call or email Howell & Thornhill, P.A., for a free consultation.

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