Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Personal Injury, Auto Accidents, Wrongful Death

When someone’s carelessness injuries you, it can be devastating. The medical bills, time missed from work, and the constant pain can affect every part of your life. You suffer and your family can suffer. Howell & Thornhill have worked for the injured since 1975. Our team limits our practice to helping people in your situation.

Please call 800-992-0492 for a free consultation today if you have questions about:

Car, Truck, Motorcycle and Pedestrian Accidents

Death, paralysis, scarring and all injuries

Injuries from animals, including dog bites

Boating accidents

Insurance claims

Defective products

Work injuries

Medical malpractice

Slips and Falls

Nursing Home Abuse

Rental Car Damage

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Accident Reconstruction

Board Certification

Meet Your Lawyer Face-to-face

We believe the first step is meeting personally with your lawyer. Unfortunately, with some law firms, you may only talk to paralegals. At Howell & Thornhill, P.A., we work to meet our clients face to face. The most important part of working for our clients is making sure we answer their questions. Our personal injury lawyers see ourselves as employees of our clients.

After answering questions, our next job is to fight for your reimbursement. Calls from medical bill collection agencies are aggravating. Trying to scrape by without wages is hard. Dealing with constant pain can rip a family apart. We believe our job is to fight the insurance companies to reimburse all of these losses. If you have questions, then please call Howell & Thornhill, P.A., for a free phone call. Usually, you will speak directly with a lawyer on your first call.

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